The public services organisation Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and its subsidiary WOBCOM GmbH are working consistently towards expanding the fibre optic network for Wolfsburg. The Work began in 2017 and the expansion is expected to be completed by 2021. With over 900 km of lines for several thousand kilometres of fibre optic cable, a total of 71,000 residential units, 2,600 commercial units, 200 units of public infrastructure and 150 suppliers will be connected. Based on the existing network, the city was divided into 42 "clusters" and gradually covered with the fast fibre optic network.

With the new fibre optic network, you will have access to many digital applications such as "Smart Home", "Smart Energy" or "Smart Health". These types of applications generate vast amounts of data that go beyond the capacity of the copper cables used up to now. Thanks to fibre optics and the 300-fold increase in Internet speed, these data volumes can be sent and received in the shortest possible time. As a result, the path is now clear for increased digitalisation – all thanks to fibre optics.


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