The City of Wolfsburg, Volkswagen, Wolfsburg AG and Siemens entered into an alliance to further improve road safety, especially at and around junctions and intersections. New functionalities will be added to the local exchange of information between vehicles and digital transport infrastructure. The overall system is based on the Car2x technology WLANp (ITS-G5) and is now being tested in Wolfsburg city traffic.

Ten traffic lights on Heinrich-Nordhoff-Street between Wolfsburg Central Station and the Technoforum have already been equipped with the technology. They send data on the traffic light phases, so that properly-equipped cars can inform the driver about "green waves" where green lights are coordinated and synchronised, avoiding unnecessary braking and acceleration and optimising the flow of traffic. At two junctions in Wolfsburg, sensors also detect pedestrians and cyclists, so that the test project ensures greater road safety.


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